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Chris Melhuish (lead Guitar and vocals)

 Chris started playing guitar at 12 years old – a white rosetti ‘jazz’ acoustic and then later his first electric guitar – a vox – bought from his paper round wages! For recording these days, Chris uses a number of guitars – Les Paul, Strat, Tele and his old favourite the PRS custom. Amongst his acoustic guitars, the Taylor is used mostly for recording and the mandolin and a few notes on a pedal steel have made it on tracks too.

Chris has been writing songs for most of his life – even as far back as late 70s for Carlin Music. The band has recorded at INFAR and now Old Tavern Studios and Chris has engineered, produced and been the main tea maker on the last 4 albums!  


Dave Dunster (drums and vocals)

Dave has been playing drums since he was given his very first drum at the tender age of 3 years. Major inspirations when growing up include Jeff Piccaro and Steve Gadd.  Dave’s favourite bands include Toto and Steely Dan, to mention but a few.  Dave has played in many bands over a long drumming career and, now in PRB, is also putting his vocal talents to good use too!

Jo Melhuish (vocals/backing vocals)

Jo Melhuish (vocals and backing vocals).  Jo joined PRB in 2011 and has been the mainstay in the BV department as well as singing main vocal on some of the new tracks. Jo’s been singing since she was 3 (plastic microphones singing along with Culture Club! – where’s is that photo?). At 15 Jo played bass in ‘Alcoholic Volume’ but after after a number of gigs at University and coming back to Bristol she joined AFGM as a backing vocalist and then PRB.

Andy Allpass (keyboards and vocals) 

Andy Allpass  was educated (and was also a choir boy) at Bristol Cathedral School. Then he went to The Royal Academy of Music, London for 2 years. When he returned home he started playing with various local bands, and has continued this trend throughout his continuing music career. He also works as a professional Music Director in various theatres. Andy has also had his own original music published for children's educational purposes. Andy loves all aspects of his music life - if his mother hadn't forced him to do his piano practice, where would he be now?! - so eternally grateful to his mum for that!

Shelley Dunster (backing vocals)

I grew up with a musical family, and have had a keen interest in music since taking up the keyboard and cornet at age 7.  I have taken part in many musical performances in choirs and singing groups over the years. I was thrilled to be asked to sing and record with the Phoenix River Band in November 2014.


Mike Pitt (bass)


Mike has been playing bass longer than he can remember, turning to the bottom end after failing miserably to elicit more than a cat's squeal from the violin whilst retaining just four strings. With early influences as diverse as Chris Squire and Sir Paul McCartney, Mike has developed a unique sound and style underpinning PRB's songbook. Starting out with copies of the Gibson EB3 & Rickenbacker 4001, Mike favours '80's basses and counts a Fender Precision, a Charvel Jackson 3B and an Epiphone Rock amongst his collection with Hartke currently the favoured amplification.


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