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A bit about Phoenix River Band


Primarily based in and around Bristol, England, Phoenix River Band play all original music merging Rock, R&B, Blues, Country Rock and Americana. Composing and playing songs with driving beats and soulful melodies, in a style associated with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dire Straits, Tom Petty, The Allman Brothers, The Eagles and Chris Rea, the band successfully mixes roots and rock from both sides of the 'Pond'.  


Playing either fully electric or 'unplugged' sets and sometimes a mixture of the two, PRB are comfortable in any setting from pub and club venues to Concert Halls to Festivals


Phoenix River Band's roots stretch back over 15 years comprising a large back catalogue of original and varied songs stretching over five albums. The band has performed with many classic artists including Wishbone Ash, Love Revisited, 10cc, The Blockheads, The Yardbirds, Focus and Walter Trout.


The most recent releases, the live album 'Under The All-Seeing Eye', the EP 'Lights' and the full length album 'Empty Road' are available in both physical (CD) and digital formats, either direct from the online shop or from a variety of popular download sources.

The band members are:


Chris Melhuish        Guitar and Vocals

Andy Allpass            Keyboards and Backing Vocals

Dave Dunster          Drums and Backing Vocals

Jo Melhuish              Lead and Backing Vocals

Shelley Dunster       Lead and Backing Vocals

Mike Pitt                   Bass

Jim Hodgson            Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Backing Vocals

Phoenix River Band, and via its earlier incarnation as 'AFGM', have had the pleasure of some fine musicians over the years.

Take a peek at the gallery photos for some past faces.


AFGM (A Few Good Men)

AFGM featured Chris & Jo Melhuish. The final album, ‘The River’, released in 2009, received ★★★★★ critical acclaim on  iTunes. “This is a wonderful album with tracks as varied as ‘The River’ with a passing nod to Pink Floyd, to ‘Picture’ with a hint of country rock. A joy.”

Both 'The River' and 'Radio Play' CD albums are available from the online shop. A number of songs from both have made it through to the PRB set, all be it with some 'updating' by the current line-up.

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